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Service Terms & Conditions

Booking of Courses:

  • All bookings are subject to availability.


Prices, Dates, Course Details:

  • All Prices, Dates, Course Details are subject to change and clients will be notified, in advance, of any changes.


Criteria for courses involving physical activity:

All delegates/students must;

  • Be physically able to carry out the training. PCT must be made aware of any medical issues which could impact on a delegates/students ability to carry out the training. ​

  • ​If a delegate/student has any barriers to learning PCT must be informed in advance so as to discuss measures to aid learning. 



  • All invoices will be issued prior to any training and as outlined in any proposal presented to a client.

  • All invoice will be payable on signature to accept training proposal.

  • Delegate/student certificates, medical risk assessment, declaration of delegate/student acceptance to undertake physical intervention and restraint course, ligature course will be issued via closed link to private online account after payment and completion of training.

Payment of Invoice:

  • Must reach PCT and clear prior to commencement of any face to face training  unless  stated otherwise in a signed acceptance of training proposal and agreed with PCT.

  • Payment to be made via bank transfer to PCT account via BACS payment allowing 3 days to clear.


Late payments

  • May incur interest and compensation under the Late Payments of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 with due warning from PCT at a rate of 8% above base rate.

Change of Service Terms and Conditions:

  • PCT reserve the right to change our prices and our terms and conditions.

  • Clients/Customers will receive reasonable notice of any changes made.


Certificates / Risk Assessments

  •  All certificates and risk assessments will be issued on full payment of invoice and completion of any training courses.

Cancellation Charges:​

  • Cancellation of course: less than 7 days notice – Full Cost Chargeable

  • Cancellation of course: between 8 and 14 days notice –  75% of Full Cost Chargeable

  • Cancellation of course: between 15 and 21 days notice – 50% of Full Cost Chargeable

  • Cancellation of course: between 22 and 28 days notice – 25% of Full Cost Chargeable

  • Cancellation of course: over 28 days notice – No charge


Change by Client of Booked Courses:

  • Change to course less than 14 days: £50 admin fee chargeable plus any incurred expenses. (e.g hotel accommodation paid, rail bookings paid, printed material with original course date)

  • Change to course over 14 days: incurred expenses will be chargeable.

  • Change to course less than 24hrs will be subject to Full Cost Chargeable unless otherwise agreed with PCT. Additional £50 admin fee will apply together with any incurred expenses.

  • All rescheduled dates must be agreed with PCT within 7 working days of any change to original course date.

  • Failure to comply with above service terms and condition's will be classed as a cancellation and no refund will be given.

  • Client will be invoiced subject to the above service terms and conditions.​


Course Requirements:

  • Delegates/students must attend the whole course in order to receive certification. 

  • PCT reserves the right not to admit a delegate/student to the course should they be a  late arrival and have missed any part of the course. No refund will be given for late arrivals not admitted to the course.

  • Any delegates/students who are judged by our Instructors to be difficult, unruly, offensive or not complying with our Equal Opportunities Policy will be asked to leave and their fees will be non-refundable.

  • The number of delegates will be as agreed in the training proposal and as per any risk assessment.

  • PCT reserves the right to have no more and no less course delegates than the agreed number in the training proposal and as per the risk assessment.

The venue/room:

  • All venue arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed.​

  • Size of room for physical activity: as a guide appropriate size 10 students undertaking physical skill activity would require a training area of approximately 30 – 40 square meters of training area. In addition to the physical skill training area students will also require a classroom facility including desks and chairs. The training should take place in a safe and suitable environment that is heated and well lit.  Matting is not required.​

  • Should PCT be required to provide a training venue the below charges will apply:

    • Room Hire local: £150 per day​

    • Refreshments: £8.50per person to include buffet lunch, teas, coffees and biscuits throughout the day

    • Room Hire national including refreshments: Charges will be agreed an paid in advance as per invoice terms and conditions.

Illness, Injury, Acts of God:

  • In the event of illness or some other unavoidable impediment to trainer availability, PCT reserves the right to use replacement trainers of a suitable caliber, if available at short notice. In the event that training cannot take place as agreed due to trainer illness or impediment or due to travel problems caused by hazardous road or weather conditions, PCT reserves the right to cancel the training. In this event, a new training day will be agreed.

Copyright and use of training material:

  • Our courses are carefully structured and based on up to date research and best practice and are tailored to be context and environment specific to meet the needs of delegates and the training objectives of the client organisation.  

  • The copyright of all course materials including Course Notes, Exercise Sheets, Visual Teaching Aids and Power Point presentations remains at all times the property of PCT and / or the trainer who produced the material.  All teaching and delegate material produced for use within our courses will be supplied by PCT unless otherwise agreed. If course notes are printed by the client organisation, the copyright still remains that of PCT and the author. Supporting course notes and material for delegates is supplied for use as a personal reference and revision aid. They must not be used for commercial training purposes or reproduced for wider distribution within the organisation or externally without the explicit agreement of PCT.

PCT Disclaimer:

  • PCT and its trainers cannot be held responsible for any circumstances beyond our control, e.g. Illness, Injury and Acts of God and therefore, if a course has to be cancelled, amended or re-scheduled PCT will make every reasonable effort to arrange a suitable alternative date. 

  • PCT does not accept responsibility for any accidents caused through misuse of training by delegate/students who breach the terms of any risk assessment written for their safety.

  • Acceptance of training: the client indicates that they have read and understood the above service terms and conditions including the service terms and conditions contained within any training proposal which the client has signed prior to commencement of any training.

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