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Maximise Safety with PCT's Comprehensive Ligature Removal and
Risk Management Training

Course Duration

 3-4 hrs depending on the number of learners and Q&A's

PCT is a leading training provider for ligature removal and risk management training for anyone who cares for and supports individuals who are at risk of attempting suicide or self-harm by the application of a ligature.  

Aims of the course:

To ensure that clients are monitored and kept safe through proactive, assertive working practises.

Objectives of the course:

Gain knowledge, instruction and guidance on client ligature use

and its removal.


Hanging may involve strangulation or asphyxiation caused by suspending the body from a high ligature point, or by using a ligature point below head height. The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness (2014) found that hanging remains the most common method of suicide in both the general and patient populations. Figures show that deaths by hanging continue to rise.

Learners will receive training on how to recognise ligature use and safely remove ligatures from service users using holding and support techniques while removing a ligature.

The course is specifically designed for staff who are supporting children, young people and adults who are at risk of attempting suicide or self-harm through the application of a ligature.

Learners will gain practical skills and knowledge to recognise self harm and ligature injuries, treat a casualty, and also safely remove

someone from suspension.

Course Content:

  • Legal considerations

  • Dangers and mechanisms of ligature use

  • Anatomy of the neck

  • Asphyxiation and the dangers of asphyxiation

  • Signs and symptoms of ligature injuries e.g. Oedema, Petechia

  • Examples of potential ligatures

  • Anchor Point

  • Ligature - Strangulation

  • Ligature - Hanging

  • Assessment of risk

  • Management of the ligature removal by understanding where and how to apply the ligature cutter

  • Types of ligature cutters

  • Safe removal of ligatures using a range of ligature cutters

    • Strangulation

    • Hanging

  • Preservation of any evidence

  • Maintenance of ligature cutters (cleaning contaminated cutters)

  • Procedures to remove and preserve life flow chart


Learners will be required to take part in a practical scenario based training session and will be assessed by the trainer for competence.

Certification will be issued to each learner after successfully showing an accepted level of competence.

PCT has identified and assessed many ligature cutters and will, for demonstration and practical assessment of course attendees use the

LC1 ligature cutter supplied by Barrington International.


Ligature Removal

LC1 Ligature Removal Hook Knife

Click on the LC1 link above to order your Ligature Cutter

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