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Law Restraint Children

Understanding the
Essential Principles of 
The Law &
Use of Force on Children and Young People

The Importance of Quality Training

is key to Safety of Children, Staff and Others


All staff working with children and young people should be trained in the law and use of force, as physically restraining a child goes beyond holding them for safety reasons. This training is crucial in ensuring the safety of everyone involved, as staff must follow the legal framework and

duty of care in all situations.

Pitfalls of Inadequate Training

Many training providers offer information on legislation and guidance without explaining its impact on children, young people, staff, and organisations, leaving staff with limited ability to make informed decisions in challenging situations. The result of improper restraint can be serious injury or even death, and organisations and staff members can face prosecution

or imprisonment for negligence.

Realising the Need for Training

Many staff members admit to not being fully aware of the legality of restraints they have taken part in, violating human rights, common law, and health and safety laws. With proper training, staff can reduce the need for physical intervention by using a legislatively based

Risk Reduction and Assessment Tool, developed by PCT.

Our clients refer to this tool as their go-to document for assessing past,

current and future risk.

Achieving Exceptional Results Through

PCT's Training Objectives


PCT offers training to help organisations and staff members develop the skills they need to handle challenging situations with children and young people, with the goal of keeping everyone safe. Benefits of the training include:

  • Improved decision-making in supporting children and young people

  • Better equipped handling of workplace aggression and violence

  • Reduction in the need for restraint, making it safer for children,

young people, and staff.


Making a Lasting Impression:

The Power of a Strong Conclusion

Investing in training on the law and use of force is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of children, young people, and staff in care settings. PCT is dedicated to providing the best training to meet these needs

and keep everyone safe.


It is crucial to understand the essential principles of the law and the use of force on children and young people. The use of force should only be used as a last resort and must be reasonable, proportionate and necessary in the circumstances. It is important to fully understand and appreciate what this means within a legal framework. We must strike a balance between protecting children and young people and maintaining a

safe working environment for all concerned.


It is essential to have policies and procedures in place that clearly outline the correct legal interpretation of the laws on use of force, and to provide regular training for those who work with children and young people. Understanding these principles will help ensure that the rights and welfare of children and young people are protected and upheld.


Unlock Legal Compliance:

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