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Law Restraint Children

Discover the Ultimate 1-Day Law Course on Physical Intervention and or Restraint with Children and Young People

Our 1-day law course is the most comprehensive face-to-face programme on law and the use of force today. Whether you're in charge of caring for children or young people, this course is designed specifically for you, regardless of your authorised system of physical intervention.

Learn How to Keep Everyone Safe

The use of restraints should always be a last resort, only used when there's no other option for protecting children, young people, staff, and others from harm. However, the lack of understanding of the laws and guidance surrounding the use of restraints, has left many staff and organisations feeling uncertain and confused. This underscores the need for clarity and quality training in order to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Expert Instructors with Decades of Experience Training Staff in Children's Homes and Schools

With almost 3 decades of experience teaching this subject, we believe there's not enough emphasis on educating staff on the laws surrounding the use of force and how to properly assess risk in challenging situations. Any lack of training puts children, young people, and staff at risk and leaves

organisations vulnerable to legal consequences.

Unlock Clarity: Demystifying the Legalities

on Use of Force with Children

This intensive but enlightening course will clear up any misunderstandings and fill in any grey areas, leaving staff informed and equipped to make better decisions within a legal framework.


Empower Yourself with Legal Knowledge:

Enroll in our 1-Day Law Course Today!

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