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PCT Customers Receive

 15% off

all online  training courses 

1 - 49 licences use code



Click on the link below to

access our partner website


Apply the above discount code

at the checkout stage every

time you wish to

make a purchase


50+ Licences

Please complete the form below

Charities and  Larger Organisations

Bulk Licence
Discount Offer

PCT 's successful partnership with our online training provider has helped numerous organisations get the best out of their online training needs.


Charities and organisations looking to buy licences in bulk., 

in the first instance,

complete the below form and submit details of your online training requirements. 


Your email is automatically directed to our

partner organisation

who will reply to your request within 24 hours.


An account manager will be allocated to assist you

with all your online training needs.

Apply Discount Code:

PCT - Bulk Licence

to ensure your charity or organisation receives 

maximum benefit


Success! Message Received. Our partner organisation will contact you within 24 hrs to discuss your requirements. Thank you for your enquiry.

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