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PCT has over 27 years of teaching staff physical intervention training.




We work in partnership to help, support, encourage, educate children and young people and empower those that can make decisions that will influence their outcomes positively. Showing them they have choices and that there are people that genuinely want to help. 


Restraint is a small part of the picture but under certain situations, having attempted and exhausted other methods, physical intervention and restraint is used as a last resort in accordance with legislation.

Course Details

The training is over two days with the first day covering the subject of Law and the Use of Force as taught on the 1-day course.

Trainers will instruct staff on how to reduce risk by applying the PCT Risk Reduction and Assessment Tool to assess and make informed decisions when and when not to apply physical intervention and restraint techniques.

On the second day there will be a re-cap of the first day together with group discussion and an introduction to de-escalation techniques.

Staff will need to complete the physical intervention and restraint skills element of the course which will include low level Interventions building up to higher-level restraint techniques.

All the techniques have been independently risk assessed by a government preferred medical expert on the use of force.

PCT has developed a unique holding technique and here is a quote by the medical expert during the assessment and review of this technique: 

"The Barrier technique is revolutionary"

Several risk assessments will be completed and made available for the purchasing organisation to comply with legal requirements.

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Word of Mouth

We’re proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from our happy customers. PRIME-Care Training [PCT] is dedicated to exceptional customer care, and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our training service. If you’ve had experience with us and have feedback, please get in touch - we’d love to hear it.

“The course is very interesting and it grabs your attention from the moment it starts. The style of teaching was effective.”

Shemariah Gittens

I have found this training very useful, it gives a greater understanding and knowledge base, which in due course will prevent unlawful restraints being performed. It has also allowed me to reflect, which will better my practice going forward.”

James Marsh

“The course for me was well delivered and cleaned up a lot of grey areas I had concerning what I can and can't do. I left feeling more confident.”

Pauline Howell

"The Barrier hold is revolutionary"

Government Preferred Medical Assessor on Use of Force

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