Law Restraint Children

The 1-day law course is possibly one of the most comprehensive face to face courses on law and use of force available today.


Designed specifically for any provider looking after children and young people, regardless of which system of physical intervention is authorised.


Restraints should only ever occur when no other option is available and only for the good intention of protecting and keeping children, young people, staff and others safe from harm.


Lack of understanding of legislation and guidance, leaves countless staff and organisations confused, especially as many guidance documents contradict each other and in some cases, give advice that is not legally accurate nor defensible in a court of law.


Having taught this subject for over two decades, PCT believes there is not enough emphasis on teaching staff the laws surrounding use of force and how to apply this to competently risk assess difficult situations.


Any lack of training increases risk to children, young people and staff who are required to manage the risk and leaves an organisation vulnerable to vicarious liability for their staffs acts and omissions.


This course although intense, fills in any misunderstandings or grey areas leaving staff informed and able to make better judgements when needed and all within a legal framework.